HP80 (6012)

HP80 (6012)

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     Hongda HP80 (6012) flat head tower crane is 60m, with boom end lifting weight of 1.2t, maximum lifting capacity of 6T, independent height of 40.5M and maximum height of 161m. The lifting mechanism is driven by three speed motor, the slewing mechanism is driven by RCV stepless speed regulation, and the luffing mechanism is driven by two speed motor.


Characteristics of Hongda HP80 (6012) Flat Head Tower Crane


1. The jib adopts high-strength steel (seamless pipe bq490e) with light weight; Large section and good rigidity; The lower chord of the boom is connected with the same integral joint pin shaft as Zoomlion, which is reliable and convenient to install;

2. The lifting mechanism is π shaped structure, driven by three speed motor and front rope guide, which is simple and reliable.

3. The slewing mechanism is driven by torque motor and adopts Botan technology RCV stepless speed regulation control mode which can reverse the vehicle

4. The luffing mechanism is driven by 3.3/2.2kw cone rotor brake motor, which is simple and reliable in maintenance.

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