Talent Concept


Talent Strategy

“Achieve Your Goals in Life by Career”, as the cultural accumulation of human resources, is the best annotation and interpretation in our employment in the years of development. We can help the employees realize their dreams; we can learn and grow together. Because we know that accomplishing the employees is just accomplishing the company.

Shandong Hongda Construction Machinery Group will build an innovative team full of passion and energy, and make scientifically plan and steadily carry out the four links of “Selection, Employment, Training, Promotion” to make sound progress of human resources and provide reliable policy guarantee guided by the development concept of “Efficiency First, Technology Leading”.


Talent Development

We recruit the talents in the selection environment of “Open, Fair and Just”, adopt job training mode of “Job Competition, Job Rotation, Titular Position”, set a solid foundation for the reserve of talents and provide the opportunities of “postgraduate cultivation and advanced education overseas” for outstanding young employees to realize our internationalized development. Presently we are vigorously implementing the new talent strategy so as to keep powerful human resources for our steady development. 

Here, Shandong Hongda Construction Machinery Group will offer a suitable and brilliant career development opportunity whatever you are technical works or professionals with master degree even doctorate. We warmly welcome you whatever you are the people who want to live an insipid life or with rare gifts and bold strategy only if you agree with our values.

We will strive to create a lifelong future hand in hand!

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