HT80 (6012)

HT80 (6012)

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     HT80 (6012) tower crane has a boom length of 60m, a boom end lifting weight of 1.2t, a maximum lifting capacity of 6T, an independent height of 40.5M, a maximum height of 200m, and a combined boom of 60m, 54m, 48m, 42m and 36m. The lifting mechanism, slewing mechanism and luffing mechanism adopt frequency conversion speed regulation, and the standard section is 1.6m * 1,6m * 2.8m, which is common to Hongda HP80 and QTZ80 (6011).


Characteristics of Hongda HT80 (6012) Tower Crane


1. The hoisting mechanism is a zigzag structure, with large diameter and short drum. The drum is equipped with broken line rope groove, front rope guide and good rope arrangement. Variable frequency speed regulation, stable starting and braking, slow in place and low speed, meeting the needs of high-rise buildings.

2. The slewing mechanism adopts 2 * 85nm torque motor soft start and variable frequency speed regulation, which can reverse the vehicle and be in place stably.

3. The luffing mechanism is driven by 3.3/2.2kw cone rotor brake motor (simple maintenance), variable frequency speed regulation, stable and reliable.

4. It is controlled by OMRON PLC in Japan, and the lifting, slewing and luffing frequency converters are special frequency converters for inverton tower crane; Stainless steel electric control cabinet and aviation socket are adopted, and air-conditioned cab is equipped.

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