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The fontal QTP250 (7025) inverter tower crane has a 70-meter boom, a 2.5-ton boom end, a maximum lifting capacity of 12 tons, an independent height of 60 meters, and a maximum height of 204 meters. The lifting, rotating and luffing mechanisms all adopt frequency conversion speed regulation, and the starting and braking are stable, which is suitable for the requirements of slow installation. The standard section adopts the potin piece type L68B2 fishplate pin connection structure, which is convenient for long-distance transportation and storage. The balance arm is short and the rotation immunity is good. The foundation legs are connected by pre-embedded bolts, which is convenient for users to adjust the verticality of the tower crane.


QTP250 (7025) tower crane steel structure introduction

The small tooling pre-buried anchor bolts provided by the manufacturer are used, which is convenient for installation and easy to adjust the verticality;

The standard section L68B2 gusset plates are all laser cut to ensure the accuracy of the size. The standard section L68B2 main limb fish plate, reinforcement plate, jacking step, segment gusset plate, segment oblique web bar, segment cross web bar are all welded by robots, welding deformation is small, and welding uniformity and compactness are also guaranteed . After the L68B2 segment is welded, it is hoisted to the special segment standard segment CNC machining center machine tool. After the card is installed and positioned once, the three power heads process the main hole and side hole at the same time. The interchangeability of standard segments and entire segments is also guaranteed. Hongda is one of the few domestic manufacturers that master the robot welding and finishing process of L68B2 segment;

The connection between the lower support of the Fonta QTP250 (7025) tower crane and the standard section also adopts the Potain process that is welded by tooling and then machined to ensure the smooth connection of the pin shaft;

The Hongda QTP250 (7025) tower crane adopts internal rotation, which reduces the footprint, facilitates maintenance, and has good rotation stability.


QTP250 (7025) tower crane mechanism introduction

The lifting mechanism is an L-shaped structure, adopts a large diameter (1030), a narrow drum (width 680), the drum is processed with a broken line rope groove, and the front rope arranging device. The hoisting mechanism has a large rope capacity, good rope arranging, frequency conversion speed regulation, stable starting and braking, and slow installation speed, which can meet the needs of high-rise buildings.

The slewing mechanism adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, adopts torque motor soft start, eddy current brake fast stop, Yaskawa frequency conversion anti-sway technology, and a variety of special slewing technologies to ensure the stability of rotation. The rotating motor is equipped with a wind vane to ensure the safety of the tower crane rotation in high wind conditions.

The luffing mechanism adopts torque motor to drive frequency conversion speed regulation, which ensures the stability of luffing.

The slewing bearing adopts the well-known domestic brand Maanshan Fangyuan slewing bearing, and the hydraulic jacking adopts the hydraulic system of the overflow double protection high-pressure pump of the military brand Guizhou Fengyang.


Introduction of QTP250(7025) Tower Electrical Control

The QTP250 (7025) tower crane adopts PLC control, and the hoisting, rotating, and luffing frequency converters all adopt the special frequency converter for Japan Yaskawa crane;

The QTP250 (7025) tower crane is equipped with a remote security monitoring system of Fonta's patented technology.

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