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The HZS125 concrete mixing plant is a product developed by Hongda Group based on the advantages and advanced technology of various models at home and abroad, combined with the company's years of experience in producing concrete mixing equipment. It is a fully automatic concrete mixing equipment composed of batching device, aggregate conveying device, powder conveying device, water supply and additive system, metering system, mixing system, electric control system and air control system. It has the characteristics of reasonable structure, excellent performance, reliable work, convenient operation, accurate measurement, etc. It is suitable for the production of large quantities of concrete such as roads, airports, ports, hydropower and other large projects and precast components, commercial concrete, etc., and is widely used in various projects Under construction. Its main features are as follows:

·The whole machine has a reasonable and beautiful structure, quick installation and disassembly, and convenient transportation. With a variety of layouts, it can adapt to the requirements of different venues.

·The mixing host adopts JS2500 double-horizontal-shaft forced concrete mixer, which has good mixing quality and high productivity. It can complete good mixing in ideal time for dry hard, semi-dry hard, plastic and various proportions of concrete.

·The metering and control components of all metering units are imported and controlled by a microcomputer, which fully guarantees accurate metering and stable performance.

·All powder materials, from loading, batching, metering, feeding to mixing and discharging, are carried out in a closed state. High-quality dust collectors are used in the main mixing building, and the packaging of the main mixing building and belt conveyor is closed, which greatly reduces Dust and noise pollute the environment and have good environmental performance.

·Each repair and maintenance part is equipped with a platform or ladder, and the host cleaning is equipped with a high-pressure pump cleaning device, which has good maintenance performance.

·The whole machine adopts a dual computer control system, which can automatically guarantee the continuous production control of the system without any influence when the two machines are switched. Dynamic panel display can clearly understand the operation of each part. The intuitive monitoring interface can clearly and accurately observe the on-site work process. Report printing can be managed.

·The electronic control system components adopt imported components, with stable overall performance and powerful functions. Automatic detection of abnormal working conditions and faults, using text, sound, light, and alarm prompts to facilitate troubleshooting and troubleshooting.



Main technical performance parameters

Specification model


Theoretical productivity


Mixing engine


Measuring scope & precision









Batching plant


Total power


Discharge height



1.The silos and their capacities can be designed as required.

2.The total power doesn't include the total power of the screw conveyor.

3.If there are change since above parameters, the actual product shall prevail.


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