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QTZ160 tower crane is a reinforced tower crane designed to meet the standards of GB/T5031<<Tower Crane>> and GB5144<<Tower Crane Safety Regulations>>, with a rated lifting moment of 160t·m and a maximum lifting capacity of 10 Tons, there are TC6516, TC6020, TC5525, TC5032, TC4537 and other types. The hoisting mechanism of this machine is pole-changing and speed-regulating, the slewing mechanism is a variable-frequency speed-regulating mechanism, the luffing mechanism has a built-in reel of planetary gear reducer, the electronic control system adopts imported components, and the safety protection device is a mechanical or mechatronic product, complete and reliable , This machine has working types such as fixed, walking, attachment, and internal climbing, which can meet the needs of urban high-rise buildings, industrial plants, power station dams, bridges and other construction needs.

【Lifting mechanism】:

The lifting mechanism (2600kg) adopts YZRSWF280M-4/8-55/55KW two-speed motor, which drives the reduction box through the gear coupling, and then drives the reel. The stepped speed regulation is adopted, and the minimum stable speed is less than 5 m/min, so that the lifting and braking of the lifting goods is stable. When using 2 ropes, the speed can reach 100m/min, 50m/min, 10m/min, and when using 4 ropes, it can reach 50m/min, 25m/min, 5m/min.

A normally closed hydraulic push rod brake (YWZ3H315/90) is installed at the input shaft end of the gearbox (see Figure 4-13). A height limiter is installed on one side of the reel, and the height limiter can be adjusted according to the required height. Reliable control, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

【Rotary Mechanism】:

The slewing mechanism is a transmission device that provides power for the upper rotation of the tower crane. The device is composed of a torque motor with a brake at the tail, a planetary reducer, a pinion gear, a rotation limiter, etc.; the tower crane uses two sets of such devices, symmetrical The ground is distributed on both sides of the slewing support and is installed on the upper support. Its pinion gear meshes with the large ring gear of the slewing support.

The input end of the reducer is equipped with a disc brake in a normally open state; it can be used for the lifting of the tower crane and the positioning of the crane arm during fixed point operation.

The rotation limiter is used to control the tower crane to rotate only 540° in a certain direction to prevent the cable from being twisted.

【Luffing mechanism】:

The luffing mechanism (510Kg) adopts the motor YEJ132-4-5.5kw, drives the reel through the planetary reducer, and uses the steel wire rope to make the trolley obtain three speeds of 0-60m/min and run back and forth at high speed on the boom frame.

There is a normally closed brake at the end of the motor, which delays braking when the trolley motor is powered off.

The amplitude limiter is used to prevent misoperation, so that the trolley stops before it hits the buffer at the root of the boom.

【Tower Body Standard Festival】:

Close-up of main limb

The standard section of the tower body is an integral frame structure. The standard sections are firmly connected with 12-M36 special high-strength bolts, and the underframe sections are connected with 16-M36 high-strength bolts. There is a resting platform for every three sections, and standard sections of the same specification are interchangeable.

【Lifting arm】:

The boom is divided into 11 sections. The upper chords of the third and eighth sections are each provided with a tie rod hanging point, and each section is connected by a pin. The first section of the arm is equipped with a trolley traction mechanism, and the arm end is equipped with a wire rope anti-twist device. The maximum arm length is 65 meters, and can be assembled into 4 arm lengths of 60 meters, 55 meters, and 50 meters to meet the needs of different rotating spaces. A trolley luffing mechanism is installed at the root section of the boom boom and a walking platform frame is provided to facilitate installation and maintenance.

【Balance Arm】:

The balance arm is divided into 2 sections, with a 8.175-meter section and a 8.865-meter section, connected by a pin. With the help of a pin shaft, the balance arm and balance arm tie rods are connected with the revolving tower body and the top of the tower as a whole, and there are railings and walkways on both sides of the balance arm

【Rotation limiter】:

【Tower Top】

The top of the tower is an oblique cone. The upper end is connected with the boom and balance arm through a tie rod to keep the two arms level. The lower end is connected to the slewing tower body with 4 pins. In order to install the boom tie rod and balance arm tie rod, The upper part of the tower is equipped with a working platform and a pulley block.


The cab is the working room where the driver controls the tower crane. It is fixed on the right side of the slewing tower. The indicator lights and handles of the linkage console are located on both sides of the driver's cab seat, which is easy to operate and has a wide field of vision.

The electric control box of the cab is installed at the rear of the cab, and the main circuit breaker, lighting and auxiliary circuit breakers and other devices.

【Lifting weight limiter】:

【Walking device】:

The traveling mechanism has two active trolleys. The active trolley is composed of a motor, a hydraulic coupling, a worm gear reducer, a disc brake, an open gear width, and a traveling wheel. The hydraulic coupling ensures that the tower crane starts and brakes smoothly, and the traveling speed is 20 m/min.

YZ160M2-6-2 7.5KW AC motor uses the master controller to control the operation of the mechanism. The normally closed disc brake at the end of the worm shaft is released when it is working, and brakes with a delay after the power is cut off. The delay time is adjustable to ensure that the stop sliding distance is short and the tower crane does not shake due to excessive braking.

Two travel switches are installed on the outside of the active trolley to control the tower crane to travel within the set limit position to ensure the safety of the tower crane.

【Electric control system and safety device】:

The system adopts programmable logic controller for central control. The electronic control system adopts international general type. The low-voltage electrical appliances adopt imported electrical components, modular combination, and rail-mounted installation. It adopts two cross-type master commands centralized in the cab. The operation of the switch and the button switch eliminates a large number of intermediate relays and time relays for logic control. At the same time, it adopts global procurement and uses international brand-name products such as OMRON (Omron) PLC and Schneider contactors, which greatly This improves the reliability of the entire system, and at the same time provides convenience for fault judgment, location and elimination. In addition, it also includes electrical safety devices such as anemometers and obstruction lights, as well as mechanical safety devices such as trolley broken shaft protection and traction rope broken rope anti-slipping car.

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