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1. Chassis:

Shaanxi Automobile Delong, a special chassis for cement mixer trucks, with strong power, environmental protection and energy saving, can meet the different needs of different users.

2. Drive system:

Using mechanical-hydraulic drive, the driving route is: engine-oil pump-motor-reducer-mixing drum:

The main components are purchased globally. The pumps and motors are made by Eaton and Rexroth from Germany. The reducer is made by Bonfiglioli, Italy. The hoses are made by Manuli from Italy. The joints are made by YiAnbi and Ningbo Junren. The complete set of buckling equipment for buckling pipes is produced by the Italian O+P company. All of the above ensure the reliability of the performance of the whole mixer.

The hydraulic oil used in the hydraulic system is filtered by imported filters and tested with a pollution detector to ensure that the pollution degree of the three types of particles of the hydraulic oil reaches Nas8 or above, which greatly improves the service life of the hydraulic system.

1. Mixing drum:

Our company is designed with reference to the Japanese Kokuto mixer truck. Contrary to the short and thick mixing drum of the European style, the Japanese style mixing drum is thin and long with a small feed cone, which is more suitable for low slump transportation.

In the selection of raw materials and the production process, our company uses special high-quality wear-resistant materials produced by Baosteel to make tanks and blades. The head of the mixing drum is formed by integral steel plate spinning. The blades are molded by 13 sets of molds and are three-dimensional. The curved surface, that is, the double logarithmic spiral curve, the double logarithmic spiral curve arrangement of the blades can make the material in and out quickly, and at the same time, because it is a molded blade, it can make the blades of the mixing section and the discharge section have variable angles, sections, and shapes, so that concrete can be realized. The real three-dimensional mixing. To achieve uniform mixing, rapid discharge without residue, no segregation, in order to further improve the uniformity of mixing, a stirring arm is welded at the front blade, and a large truncated cone is welded on the back of the head, and the blade extends to the large cone; At the tail discharging part, two guide vanes are added to make the discharging more uniform and continuous; holes are opened on the small feed cone to increase the air permeability and make the feeding fast.

The welding of the mixing drum adopts a special horizontal mixing drum group butt welding tooling to ensure the small misalignment of the drum butt, and the installation position and angle of the blade are also easy to ensure. All the healthy welds are inspected by ultrasonic flaw detection to ensure the welding quality of each weld.

2. Feeding and discharging device:

The large-diameter feed hopper is used to prevent overflow in the feeding process. The folding movable discharge chute greatly increases the unloading range. The movable unloading chute can be locked in different positions up, down, left, and right, so as to realize the discharge in different directions operating. In addition, a layer of wear-resistant plate is attached to the places in contact with the concrete on the feeding hopper and the discharging chute, which greatly extends the service life of the feeding and discharging device.

3. Supporting wheel:

The bearing adopts the original imported German FAG roller bearing, which has a long service life. The shaft adopts 40CrMnMo quenching and tempering treatment, and the supporting roller adopts 40Cr quenching treatment, which has very good mechanical properties and long service life. The supporting wheel seat that can be adjusted back and forth ensures the correct contact position between the supporting wheel and the mixing drum raceway.

Four. Cooler:

It adopts the combined oil tank and cooler for famous brand mixer truck, with temperature control switch and vacuum gauge to ensure that the oil temperature of the hydraulic system is in the best range, and the oil change and maintenance are clear at a glance.

5. Control system:

The operation adopts the handle operation on both sides to control the acceleration, idle speed, discharge and feed of the mixing drum

VI. Washing system:

The water washing adopts a pressure water tank, which has high drainage pressure and is cleaned. It is equipped with a drain, located at the lowest point of the water supply system, and drains clean.

Seven, sub-frame:

The main beam of the sub-frame is made of 140×80 16Mn rectangular steel pipes. The front and back processing is first scribed with a three-dimensional scriber, and then welded to the beam of the sub-frame with a three-coordinate scriber. And after laser inspection, to ensure the accuracy of the installation position.

8. Others:

All the structural parts on the car are processed by shot blasting-intermediate coating-special spray top paint (baking paint) processing technology. Through the shot blasting treatment, the adhesion of the paint is enhanced. The professional and advanced spray paint booth ensures the quality and quality of paint spraying. Service life.

Each batch of cars has passed the sampling inspection method to check the performance of the whole machine.

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