37m concrete boom pump truck

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The Hongda concrete pump truck is based on the Hongda Group's advanced experience at home and abroad, using modern advanced computer simulation technology to systematically analyze the impact of various parameter changes such as the stress, displacement, and natural frequency of the pump truck structure on the fatigue life of the boom. Optimized the design of the hydraulic system, adopted new free fluid technology, and reduced the impact of pumping reversing on the boom, and obtained a number of patents in the structure optimization of the pump truck boom and the design of the hydraulic system. Perfect product quality Controlled, refined product manufacturing, and meticulous quality inspection have made Hongda pump trucks very popular among users. All steel plates in the boom system are made of high-strength cold-rolled steel plates from Sweden SSAB, with a yield strength above 900Mpa, ensuring high strength of the boom system , Light weight, 100% post-weld stress relief treatment for boom system cloth rods, outriggers, fuel tanks, etc. Each weld seam of the boom system has undergone 100% non-destructive testing or X-ray photos to prevent defects that hide any details. Durability performance is even better.

The slewing bearing of the boom system adopts the products of Germany Rothe Erde or Italy Lario Lisa company, and the material is 42CrMo, which has higher strength and service life.

The accurate data support of finite element analysis and dynamic simulation analysis is used as the design basis to ensure that the boom system has a reasonable structure and excellent performance. The stress and strain tests performed by the national inspection center to verify that the calculation and analysis results of the boom structure are consistent with the actual working conditions The Hongda pump truck adopts international procurement, and all key components adopt internationally renowned brands. It has the following characteristics:

The large diameter conveying cylinder has good material suction and large pumping flow.

The original imported German HBC unlimited remote control device is light in weight and easy to carry. Only with the handle control, the cloth rod can be accurately placed.

1. The pumping volume can be steplessly adjusted;

2.The extension speed of the pump truck has stepless adjustment of fast and slow gears.

3. Stepless adjustment of boom rotation speed;

4. Equipped with emergency braking device and diesel engine automatic speed raising and lowering device to save fuel consumption.

Original imported German STEIBEL transfer case and German Rexroth pump set;

Original imported rotary reducer and rotary motor;

Original imported German Hawe proportional multi-way valve;

Valves imported from Germany Rexroth and Italian Oil Control Company;

The electric control box, PLC and other control modules of all imported components are all products of German Siemens.

Hydraulic system features:

The free-flow closed hydraulic drive system formed by the confluence of double pumps has the characteristics of large output power, small loss, smooth commutation and no impact;

The intelligent control system makes the driving oil flow continuous and uninterrupted, and directly input the driving oil cylinder to work without loss;

No need for cumbersome intermediate reversing control valve block, reducing reversing impact, avoiding excessive oil temperature heating, and easier maintenance;

Compared with the open system with a huge fuel tank, the closed system requires a small fuel tank, and the oil in the fuel tank flows gently and is not easy to emulsify;

The unique buffer technology can reduce the high-pressure peak of the system, even in the case of high output, the boom vibration is small and the tail pipe is stable;

The electric proportional variable is adjusted so that the concrete output is poured on demand.

Technical parameters of 37m concrete pump truck


HDT5282THB-37/4 or


Total length


Total width


Total height





Boom outrigger parameters

Vertical boom height


Horizontal boom length


Vertical boom depth


Minexpansion height


1st Arm Length


Rotation angle


2st Arm Length




Rotation angle

3st Arm Length




Rotation angle

4st Arm Length




Rotation angle

Turntable rotation angle


Front leg expansion width


Rear leg expansion width


Span between front & rear legs




Pumping system parameters

Theoretical concrete output


Theoretical pumping pressure


Inner diameter of concrete cylinder


Concrete cylinder stroke


Hydraulic system


System oil pressure

32 MPA

Inside diameter of conveying pipe


End hose length



Chassis parameters

Chassis model

Isuzu or Howo

Engine model

Isuzu or Howo

Engine power

294Kw/1800rpm or


Emission Standards

China Ⅳ

Max speed


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