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Hongda Group to carry out "Jinqiu Hui" Friends Events

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2017/12/27 18:10

To thank our customers for many years Hongda Group support the trust and love, listen to customer needs and recommendations for reform and innovation of products, product master Hongda operation of the line in the construction materials, in time for customers to carry out maintenance and other related technical advice services to Hongda "Titlis" series of products to create greater benefits for users, Hongda Group decided to seize the favorable opportunity of the client device intermittent winter to carry out " Friends" events. 'Withdrawn from the Science and Technology Research Group, the technical backbone of the production plant, personally led by the company's leadership and service management office responsible person onboard a variety of wearing parts, the company's concrete mixing station, pump, trailer pump, users automotive pumps, concrete mixing truck and other products, according to the regional distribution of the number of users and a clear division of labor, carry out a comprehensive " Friends" large-scale special events. Specific activities of the group companies require personnel Everywhere customers must see leadership, equipment managers and equipment operators, listen to suggestions and views; to personally must carefully check the equipment at the scene, in time for customers to solve problems. During the event on-site inspection, maintenance and repair needs back to the factory, maintenance of the equipment will be free labor costs, the purchase of accessories or spare parts company give greater concessions. Currently, the group has special activities for nearly 100 customers of equipment to complete the survey, inspection and maintenance site for the user equipment 100 sets, to solicit user suggestions for product development, service and other aspects of optimization and more than 100 articles, to communicate feelings with customers , enhance friendship, mastered the market information, laid the foundation for the next year of new product development and optimization and upgrading of styling products, develop customer markets, enhance service levels.

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