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Shandong Hongda Group QTZ160 tower crane, a domestic first independent new record height of 70 m

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2017/12/27 18:04
Recently,ShandongHongdaConstructionMachineryGroupCo.,re-transmissionofgoodnews:bythecompanydevelopedtheproductionof"Titlis"QTZ160adomesticfirsttowercranenewrecordheightof70meters. ShandongHongdaConstr
Recently, Shandong Hongda Construction Machinery Group Co., re-transmission of good news: by the company developed the production of "Titlis" QTZ160 a domestic first tower crane new record height of 70 meters.
Shandong Hongda Construction Machinery Group Co., tower crane more than 30 years, the company was identified as the Institute of Science and Technology of Shandong Province, only a "Construction Machinery Engineering Technology Research Center" and "Shandong Province Enterprise Technology Center." Developed the production of tower cranes more than 40 varieties, the overall technical indicators have reached the leading domestic level, exports more than 20 countries in the world. In August, the company received Kenya QTZ160 (6516) tower crane orders requiring independent high and 70 meters. Academy of Science and Technology by the company engineering and technical personnel and production staff workshop jointly tackling September 14 completed aircraft stand tower commissioning, the detection indicators fully meet the national standard design requirements. Especially aircraft maximum displacement of only 0.67% H, compared with the state standard displacement reduced by half (at rated torque effect).
The machine also has the following features: the tower with square tube large cross-section 2.1 m × 2.1m, good stability; tower crane hoisting, slewing, luffing frequency control, smooth starting and braking; tower crane safety monitoring system installed It can display various working parameters in real time. The aircraft will soon be sent to Kenya.
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